VIDEOR o.d. is Sarajevo-based design and production studio with years of experience in different types of visual design work, art, web development, print, animation and video mapping performances.

We cherish a strong visual impression, clean and functional design by using new technologies in the multimedia expression, always giving emphasis on client service.

  • art direction
  • graphic design
  • editorial design
  • political design
  • visual mapping
  • web development
  • publishing
  • advertising
  • production
  • projection mapping

We have had the privilege to work with major international and local clients, by working as an independent studio or through previous experience of our associates in other agencies: Firestone, Renault, Dacia, American Express, Carlsberg, Hypo Bank, Argeta, BH Telecom, BH Gas, Garden City, Red Bull, Burn, Obtainer, Alma Ras, Urban Magazin, ECR Group, ACRE / AECR / ECR Party, Initiative For Free Trade, N1 TV, AT&T... and with number of NGOs and think tanks all over Europe and the world.

We have received, as part of FAMA Methodology team, The Sixth of April Award 2017 for our contribution in the field of science and education.

Over the years we have worked on many different projects, including creating visual brand identities, corporate design, designing logotypes, various types of magazines, posters, video presentations, developing web sites and specific needs such as video projection mapping performances and documentary animations. Some of these things, from the rich and very diverse portfolio (from business identities, political campaigns, various publications and educational projects to movie and music posters), you can view here.

The views and themes expressed in this portfolio do not necessarily reflect those of the VIDEOR o.d.

Time is Up!
The Conservative &
Sarajevo’s City Hall Re-Opening
Basheskia & Edward EQ - Bladerunner
ECR Group
The Siege of Sarajevo Museum - The Art of Living
Mapping the Dayton Peace Accords
The Art of Survival
Srebrenica - Mapping Genocide and Post-Genocide Society
Srebrenica - Mapping Genocide
Sarajevo 1914-2014
History in the Making 2014-1914(1878)
Dialogue BiH2.0
ECR Party / ACRE
Alma Ras
Urban Magazin